Shocking Truth Revealed! AcuRite 13027A Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock Review Exposes Game-Changing Features!

Unbiased AcuRite 13027A Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock review. Dive into its functionalities, pros, and cons. Make an informed decision before you buy!

Imagine no longer resetting your alarm clock after a power cut or fiddling with it when Daylight Saving Time rolls around. With the AcuRite 13027A Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock, my mornings have transformed into a seamless routine. This clever device retains its settings even after being unplugged, and it automatically adjusts for DST, ensuring I’m never late.

The loud alarm is a failsafe wake-up call, while the oversized snooze button provides just the right amount of morning mercy. Plus, the convenience of selecting from multiple time zone settings means it fits perfectly into my life whether I’m on the east coast or traveling to the west. This isn’t just a timepiece; it’s a game-changer for anyone who struggles to start their day on time.

AcuRite 13027A Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock,Black

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Why Consider the AcuRite 13027A Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock?

As someone who has had their fair share of mornings punctuated by groggy confusion after a power outage wiped out my alarm settings, I can honestly say that the AcuRite 13027A Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock is a game-changer. Ever experienced that panic-inducing moment when you wake up, the clock is flashing some arbitrary time, and you have no idea if you’re late for work? Well, this clock has an ingenious Intelli-Time technology that retains the time and your alarm settings even after the power goes out or the device is unplugged. No more resetting or worrying whether you’ll be roused in time for your important commitments.

But it isn’t just about avoiding morning chaos. I appreciate the fact that this clock automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time (DST). The days of remembering to spring forward or fall back are long gone. This is a subtle convenience, but it’s indicative of the thought that went into designing a clock that’s attuned to the user’s need for simplicity and reliability.

Moreover, those of us who struggle with waking up will be relieved by the loud alarm that this clock boasts. It’s emphatic enough to pull even the deepest sleepers from their slumber without being jarring. And if you ever do need those extra few minutes, there’s an oversized snooze button that’s easy to find even with eyes half-closed. These design choices show an understanding of the user’s morning experience, and they give good reason to consider welcoming this alarm clock into your bedroom.

Intuitive Time-Keeping Technology

One of the most impressive features of the AcuRite 13027A Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock is the Intelli-Time technology itself. Unlike your standard clocks which will flash 12:00 after blinking out, this clock has a built-in memory that saves your time and alarm settings. Say goodbye to the minor but real frustrations of resets because when the power’s back, so is your alarm, just as you set it. It’s this sort of thoughtfulness that really draws me to a product.

Ease of Daylight Saving Adjustments

The auto-adjust for DST feature on this alarm clock is a subtle touch that exemplifies the clock’s user-friendly design. Let’s be real, how many of us have shown up an hour early or late to an event because we forgot about the time change? Well, with this clock, there are no manual adjustments required. The clock knows when DST is hitting, and it makes the shift for you. That’s one less thing to worry about in your busy life.

AcuRite 13027A Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock,Black

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The Wake-Up Call You Can Depend On

Waking up on time is crucial for most of us. The loud alarm feature ensures that meeting this daily need isn’t left to chance. Whether you’re deep into your REM cycle or your bedroom is on the spacious side, this alarm is designed to be distinctly audible. It’s assertive without being aggressive, pulling you out of sleep without leaving you in shock – a balance not easily struck by many alarm models out there.

Command at Your Fingertips

Finding the snooze button on a dark morning can be a harrowing experience, but not with the AcuRite 13027A. That’s because the snooze button is oversized, ensuring that when you’re not quite ready to leave the comfort of your bed, a little reprieve is conveniently within reach. This understanding of user ergonomics is a testament to the clock’s practical design.

Tailored to Your Time Zone

With the ability to select between seven different time zone settings (HST, AKST, PST, MST, CST, EST, and AST), the clock allows a tailored experience no matter where you’re located within the continental United States. This feature speaks to the clock’s adaptability, ensuring accuracy in time regardless of your geography.

AcuRite 13027A Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock,Black

Straightforward Customization

Finally, getting your clock’s settings just right is made simple. Instead of a labyrinth of buttons and confusing configurations, the Intelli-Time alarm clock has been designed for ease of setting the time and alarm. This user-friendly interface means spending less time fiddling with your clock and more doing…well, whatever you like!

The Build You Can Trust

When I think of a quality build, I think of products that seamlessly blend into my life while withstanding the everyday wear and tear that they’re subjected to. This clock feels solid; it has a presence that suggests it’s well constructed. Its durability isn’t something you’ll need to question every time it takes a tumble off the nightstand. The black color is classic, sure to fit into any decor without demanding attention.

Grabbing a device that won’t let you down due to flaws in quality is essential, and the AcuRite 13027A alarm clock speaks to this need. It’s the kind of gadget that might go unnoticed in daily life, and that’s precisely why it’s successful—it does it’s job consistently and unobtrusively, allowing you to focus on the rest of your day without alarm clock-induced headaches.

Tailoring Your Mornings

Setting Your Alarm Reliably

Using the AcuRite Intelli-Time alarm clock means I can trust that I’ll wake up at the right time, even after a power outage. Whether I have an early flight to catch, an important meeting first thing in the morning, or an invigorating jog scheduled at dawn, I can set my alarm knowing it will remember my plans.

Simplifying Time Changes

When Daylight Saving Time rolls around, I am no longer part of the crowd who spends a segment of their day reconfiguring household clocks. This alarm clock ensures that I’m always on schedule, automatically adjusting for DST so I can fully enjoy that extra hour of sleep come fall or make the most of the longer days in spring.

Hearing Your Alarm in Any Situation

For heavy sleepers or those with large bedrooms, the loud alarm is a blessing. Never again will I snooze through my wake-up call because the volume wasn’t sufficient, or I didn’t place the clock close enough. The peace of mind that comes with knowing I’ll wake up on time is invaluable.

Utilizing the Snooze Option

We’ve all had those mornings where we crave just a few more moments of sleep. The clearly distinguished snooze button on this clock means I can afford myself that luxury without any hassle. It’s the extra cushion needed for those mornings when getting out of bed feels particularly challenging.

Adapting to Your Location

Whether I’m setting up for guests from another time zone or I’ve moved across the country, the time zone selection feature removes any confusion. It ensures that the time displayed on my clock is suitable for my locality, and if there’s a need to adjust for visiting family, it’s an effortless switch.

AcuRite 13027A Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock,Black

Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Technology Intelli-Time Memory
DST Adjustment Automatic
Alarm Volume Loud
Snooze Button Oversized
Time Zone Compatibility HST, AKST, PST, MST, CST, EST, AST
Color Black
Power Backup Memory retains settings after outage or unplugging

Who Stands to Benefit

If you value punctuality, need assurance for early mornings, or simply crave that stress-free start to your day, then this alarm clock is for you. Regardless of whether you’re a student with early classes, a professional with a strict schedule, or a parent juggling multiple wakeup routines, the reliability and simplicity of the AcuRite Intelli-Time clock fits the bill. It’s designed for anyone who dislikes fussing with technology and prefers gadgets that just work effortlessly.

Weigh the Advantages and Disadvantages


  • You never need to reset the clock after power loss or unplugging thanks to the Intelli-Time memory.
  • Auto-adjustment for DST keeps you on track without input.
  • A loud alarm caters to even heavy sleepers.
  • The oversized snooze button allows for additional rest with ease.
  • Multiple time zone settings optimize usability across different locations.
  • Simple interface cuts down on setup frustration.


  • Its no-frills design may not appeal to those seeking a more stylish bedroom accessory.
  • The loud alarm, while effective, might be too much for light sleepers or those with small sleeping spaces.


Q: How do I select my time zone on the clock?

A: The clock has buttons that allow you to cycle through and select from the various time zone options it offers. Just find your location’s corresponding setting and you’re all set!

Q: If the power goes out, do I need to replace any batteries?

A: No batteries are needed for the memory to retain your settings. Once the power is restored, the clock will display the correct settings again.

Q: Can I adjust the volume of the alarm?

A: The alarm is set at a volume that’s loud enough to wake you up, but there isn’t an option to adjust the sound level.

What Customers Are Saying

I want you to take my word for it, sure, but it’s also important to know what other users are saying. The consensus seems to be that customers love the reliability and ease-of-use that this alarm clock offers. Many have expressed appreciation for the Intelli-Time memory feature, noting the peace of mind it brings. Others have highlighted the loud alarm and straightforward time zone settings as standout benefits that have improved their morning routines. It’s these voices, collectively, that can reassure you this isn’t just another throwaway gadget.

Overall Value

When it comes down to it, the value of an alarm clock like the AcuRite 13027A lies in its dependability. You’re not just buying a clock; you’re investing in punctuality and the serenity that comes from knowing you have a consistent ally in your day-to-day schedule. The time and potential missed commitments it can save you over the years could far outweigh the modest cost of the alarm clock itself.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To really get the most out of your Intelli-Time alarm clock, place it within an arm’s reach so that when you need that snooze, you can hit it without a second thought. Also, despite the auto-adjust for DST, it’s always a good idea to double-check your time settings as DST approaches, just for that extra assurance. Ensuring that the clock is plugged into an outlet where it is unlikely to be accidentally unplugged can maintain continuous time-keeping without hiccups.

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Final Thoughts

Summing Up the AcuRite 13027A

The AcuRite 13027A Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock is the epitome of what an alarm clock should be: reliable, user-friendly, and adaptable to your individual needs. It forgoes unnecessary frills in favor of features that genuinely contribute to a smooth morning routine. In an age where our gadgets are getting increasingly complicated, there’s something refreshing about a product that sticks to the basics and executes them perfectly.

My Final Recommendation

If you’re on the lookout for an alarm clock that’s going to take the hassle out of your mornings, look no further. The AcuRite 13027A offers reliability, ease, and versatility, making it a sound choice. Once you experience mornings punctuated by the secure knowledge that this clock has got your back, you’ll wonder how you ever managed with anything else.

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