Hatch Restore 1 vs 2: Which Smart Sleep Device is Right for You?

Hatch Restore 1 vs 2: Which smart sleep device is right for you? Explore our In-depth comparison, features, and pricing.

If you struggle with restless nights, inconsistent sleep patterns, or find yourself waking up groggy, you’re not alone. The Hatch Restore line of smart sleep devices aims to combat these very issues. Its innovative design combines soothing sound, customizable lighting, and personalized routines to help you fall asleep faster, experience deeper rest, and wake up feeling refreshed.

With two primary models on the market, the Hatch Restore 1 and Hatch Restore 2, choosing the right one can be tricky. This article dissects the similarities, differences, and helps you decide which version best suits your needs and improves your sleep quality.


Key Similarities Between Hatch Restore 1 and 2

Let’s begin by establishing the core concepts shared by both versions of the Hatch Restore.

  • Personalized Sleep Routines: The heart of the Hatch Restore experience lies in building adaptable routines. Through the companion Hatch Sleep app, you can fine-tune every aspect of your go-to-sleep and wake-up processes. Choose from relaxing soundscapes (rain, ocean waves, etc.), set the ideal light color/brightness, and program step-by-step schedules – perhaps gentle reading light dimming over 30 minutes, followed by guided meditation.

  • Design Fundamentals: While there are aesthetic differences, both the Restore 1 and 2 feature a similar half-moon shape that blends well with most nightstands. They also include a clear digital clock display, ensuring the time is always easily visible.

  • App Connectivity: All control occurs through the Hatch Sleep app for smartphones. No, fiddling with complex buttons on the device itself; the app streamlines managing routines, sounds, and settings.

Understanding the Basics

With both Restore models, you’re not just buying a fancy alarm clock. They aim for a holistic approach to sleep management, leveraging scientifically-backed principles of light and sound therapy. Additionally, establishing consistent, personalized routines reinforces positive sleep hygiene habits, crucial for better rest over the long term.

Hatch Restore 1 vs 2:

Hatch Restore 1 vs 2 Comparison:

Feature Hatch Restore 1 Hatch Restore 2
Design Plastic body, digital clock display Fabric-wrapped body (putty, slate, latte colors), digital clock display, tactile buttons
Audio Single speaker 3-speaker system (enhanced sound quality)
Content Library Core selection of soundscapes, meditations Core library PLUS access to expanding Hatch+ subscription (more soundscapes, stories, meditations, sunrise/sunset routines)
Customization Create sleep/wake routines with sound, light, duration adjustments All Restore 1 features PLUS sunset routines, and sunrise alarms with intricate light/sound combinations
Additional Features Soft-glow reading light, battery backup (for power outages)
Price Generally more affordable More expensive


Hatch Restore 2 – Upgrades and New Features

The Hatch Restore 2 introduces a suite of advancements and refinements, taking the core concept of the original device to the next level. Here’s a breakdown of the key changes:

  • Revamped Design:

    • Aesthetically, the Restore 2 departs from the plastic build of its predecessor. New color options (putty, slate, and latte) create a softer look, complemented by a linen fabric wrap. This enhances the device’s ability to blend seamlessly with a wider variety of bedroom decors.
    • Touch-sensitive controls on the original have been replaced with large, dedicated buttons for volume and alarm management. Depending on your preferences, this may improve ease of use, especially in a dark room.
  • Elevated Audio Quality: Where the Hatch Restore 1 featured a single speaker, the Restore 2 boasts a three-speaker configuration. This translates to noticeably richer soundscapes, meditations, and alarms, resulting in a more immersive audio experience.

  • The Hatch+ Subscription: This is perhaps the most substantial shift with the Restore 2. Hatch+ is an optional monthly or annual subscription unlocking a vast, ever-expanding library of additional features:

    • Sleep Stories, Meditations, Soundscapes: Subscribers gain access to a broader range of content designed to help you unwind and prepare for sleep.
    • Sunrise Alarms: This unique feature meticulously combines gradually brightening light with selected sounds to simulate a natural sunrise for a gentler wake-up experience.
    • Gentle Sunset Routines: Ease into the evening with routines integrating dimming light and calming sounds promoting relaxation before bed.

Additional Features: The Hatch Restore 2 may feature other refinements (be sure to check for the latest updates at the time of purchase), such as:

  • Soft-glow reading light: A subtly diffused light for pre-bed reading without being excessively disruptive.
  • Battery backup: Ensures your alarms still go off, even in the event of a power outage.

Important Note: While the Hatch+ subscription service unlocks enhanced functionality, the Hatch Restore 2 remains perfectly usable without it. You’ll still benefit from an extensive library of core sounds and routines.

Where Hatch Restore 1 Still Holds Its Own

While the Restore 2′ s upgrades entice, it’s crucial to remember that the original model is still a potent sleep aid. Here’s why it might be the smarter choice for certain users:

  • Simplicity: No Fuss, Just Solid Fundamentals The Hatch Restore 1 forgoes the subscription model. If bells and whistles don’t interest you, it provides all the fundamental tools to curate relaxing sleep and wake-up routines. The app interface remains intuitive, ensuring ease of use even for those less tech-savvy.

  • Price: A More Accessible Sleep Solution With the Hatch Restore 2 generally coming with a higher price tag, the original Restore 1 presents a budget-friendly entry point. If cost is a significant deciding factor, it might make more sense financially.

  • User Reviews: Proven Track Record Assuming the Hatch Restore 1 boasts consistently positive user reviews, this attests to its reliability and effectiveness. Often, online reviews reveal potential issues or praise the longevity of a device, offering valuable insights that newer models may not yet fully have.

The Key Takeaway

Don’t automatically assume the pricier, feature-packed model is universally “better.” For those prioritizing simplicity and affordability without feeling limited in the core sleep routine building functions, the Hatch Restore 1 might offer the perfect balance.

Questions to Help You Decide

Choosing between the Hatch Restore 1 and Hatch Restore 2 is a personal decision. Consider these key questions to make an informed choice:

  • Budget: Is the Hatch Restore 2’s price increase justified by the extra features?

    • Carefully weigh the benefits of the improved design, better audio, and especially the Hatch+ subscription against the more affordable price of the Restore 1.
    • If your budget is tight, yet you desire simple but effective sleep routines, the Restore 1 could be perfect.
  • Subscription Model: Are you interested in ongoing content updates via Hatch+?

    • Hatch+ continuously expands with new meditations, soundscapes, and features. If you love variety and the idea of guided relaxation content tailored for sleep, this might be a major point in favor of the Restore 2.
    • On the other hand, if you’re content with a set selection of sounds and don’t foresee yourself being drawn to a paid subscription, the Restore 1 could suffice.
  • Aesthetics: Which design/color options better suit your bedroom?

    • Consider how well each device’s appearance fits your bedroom’s existing style. The Restore 2’s fabric texture and softer hues may blend more seamlessly for some.
    • While this shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor, feeling happy with the way the device looks could contribute to an overall more relaxing sleep space.
  • Simplicity vs. Customization: Do you prefer straightforward use, or want the granular control the Restore 2 offers?

    • The Restore 1 excels if you desire simple routines – choose a sound/light combo, the duration, and you’re set.
    • The Restore 2, with features like sunset routines and sunrise alarms, caters to those who enjoy tinkering with various transitions and multi-step processes to fine-tune their sleep experience.

It’s Not One-Size-Fits-All

There’s no absolute “winner” here. Each version of the Hatch Restore excels in different categories. The key is to prioritize the factors that matter most to you and your individual sleep needs.

Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the benefits and potential downsides of the Hatch Restore 1 and 2:

Hatch Restore 1

  • Pros:

    • Cost-Effective: It’s generally a more budget-conscious option for those seeking an effective sleep routine builder.
    • Tried and Tested: Assumed positive user reviews provide proof of its reliability and ability to foster better sleep habits.
    • Simplicity: If a wealth of features and subscriptions seems overwhelming, its straightforwardness can be a major plus.
  • Cons:

    • Limited Sounds/Content: Offers a smaller selection of soundscapes and no expansion option compared to the Restore 2’s Hatch+ service.
    • Dated Design: Its aesthetic may not blend as seamlessly with modern bedroom styles.
    • No “Extras”: Lacks advanced features like sunrise alarms or the tactile button controls found on the Restore 2.

Hatch Restore 2

  • Pros:

    • Sleek Design: The revamped look aligns with current decor trends, adding a touch of elegance to the nightstand.
    • Superior Audio: Enhanced speakers translate to a much richer and immersive auditory experience.
    • Hatch+ Content: The subscription provides access to an ever-growing library, excellent for those who find variety helps them relax.
    • Innovative Features: Sunrise alarms and sunset routines offer unique, science-based ways to ease into sleep or wake up refreshed.
  • Cons:

    • Cost: Generally represents a higher up-front investment compared to the Hatch Restore 1.
    • Subscription Potential: Not everyone will want to pay an ongoing fee for extra content, making the Restore 1 more appealing in this regard.

A Note on Personalization

Ultimately, the best choice comes down to your specific needs and preferences. Both the Hatch Restore 1 and 2 offer the potential to significantly improve your sleep.

Who Are the Hatch Restores Ideal For?

While both Restore models hold the potential to improve sleep, certain needs and preferences align better with one over the other. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Hatch Restore 1 Might Be Your Match If:

    • Budget Is a Primary Concern: While not “cheap,” the Restore 1 provides core sleep and wake-up routine functions at a more approachable price point.
    • You Crave Simplicity: It forgoes bells and whistles in favor of a user-friendly interface. Set your light/sound combination, duration, and go!
    • A Subscription Model Feels Unnecessary: If you already have go-to relaxation methods or a limited selection of sounds works just fine, you won’t miss the Hatch+.
  • Hatch Restore 2 Could Be the Way to Go If:

    • Investing in Enhanced Sleep Matters: You’re prepared to allocate more towards cutting-edge features designed to maximize sleep optimization.
    • Variety is Key: You enjoy trying new meditations, stories, and soundscapes geared towards relaxation and better sleep.
    • Aesthetics Count: The softer hues and linen texture resonate with your bedroom’s overall style.


Choosing between the Hatch Restore 1 and Hatch Restore 2 comes down to individual needs, priorities, and how much you’re willing to invest in improving your sleep quality. Both devices leverage scientifically-supported design principles surrounding light and sound to enhance your sleep hygiene and create a sanctuary-like environment conducive to rest.

If simplicity and value are paramount, the Hatch Restore 1 is an excellent, time-tested option. If you yearn for the latest in sleep technology, enjoy vast content libraries, and appreciate a design refresh, the Hatch Restore 2 offers a premium experience.

Ultimately, the potential to regain control over your sleep, wake up feeling rested, and improve your overall wellbeing makes either model of the Hatch Restore a worthwhile consideration. Remember to consult official product pages and trusted review sources for the most up-to-date information to guide your decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use Hatch Restore without Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, with limitations. While initial setup requires Wi-Fi, you can operate previously saved routines on the device itself. However, access to new content and updates always necessitates a connection.

Q: Does the Hatch Restore work with sleep trackers?

A: There’s no direct integration with fitness trackers. However, by establishing more regular sleep/wake patterns with the Restore, you might notice your sleep tracker data becomes more consistent and insightful.

Q: Is there a trial period or return policy?

A: Policies vary. Consult the official Hatch website or the specific retailer you’re considering for their most up-to-date return and trial information.

Q: Does the Hatch Restore require a phone to work?

A: Setup and controlling advanced features require the Hatch Sleep app on a smartphone. However, you can run basic pre-programmed routines directly on the device.

Q: Can you use the Hatch Restore as an alarm clock?

A: Yes! A core function of both models is customizing sound- and light-based alarms. These are far more sophisticated than a typical alarm clock, with options for gradual wake-up sequences.

Q: What’s the main difference between the Hatch Restore 1 and 2?

A: The Restore 2 offers improved design, better audio, and the Hatch+ subscription service. Hatch+ significantly expands sounds/content and introduces sunrise alarms and sunset routines.

Q: Does the Hatch Restore help with insomnia?

A: While not a cure for insomnia, the Hatch Restore can aid in establishing better sleep habits and providing a relaxation-focused environment. If you have insomnia, it’s best to also consult a medical professional.

Q: Is it worth upgrading from the Hatch Restore 1 to 2?

A: This depends entirely on your priorities. If you’re content with the Restore 1’s features, enjoy its simplicity, and budget is a factor, sticking with it might be wise. If you crave richer audio, design updates, and Hatch+ content, the Restore 2 presents a compelling upgrade.

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